Assam is the 14th largest state in India by population and faces a variety of health challenges. Assam has a 48% shortage of Community Health Centres and a 52% shortage of specialists at Community Health Centres. The average distance to the nearest public health facility is 20 km. This is compounded by rugged and hilly terrain, making geographic access to healthcare especially challenging. Assam’s key health indicators fall significantly short of Indian national averages. The state’s total fertility rate is 2.6 (on par with India), maternal mortality ratio is 480 and infant mortality rate is 64.

Although still high, Assam’s maternal mortality ratio has drastically decreased from 540 as a result of targeted public health interventions.

HMRI currently operates two programs in Assam:
104 Sarathi Health Information Helpline serves roughly 4,000 callers per day through a 50 seat call center
Sanjeevani Mobile Health Services has served 400,000 patients across 3,000 service points

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