Health Information Helpline (HIHL) is a health contact center that aims to reduce the minor ailment load on the public health system. At the cost of a phone call, any citizen can render medical information and advice, avail counseling services, request directory information, or lodge a service complaint against any public health facility.

Qualified and trained paramedics, counselors, and doctors utilize HMRI’s cutting-edge software to triage callers. Medically validated algorithms and disease summaries provide paramedics and doctors with the support to drive this high level of standardized care forward.

HMRI has run four Health Information Helplines in partnership with state governments in India:

104 Aarogyavani in Karnataka (Upcoming project)
104 Health Advice Call Center in Maharashtra (provides healthcare worker support)
104 Medical Advice Service in Rajasthan (January 2012)
104 Sarathi in Assam (November 2010)
104 Advice in Andhra Pradesh (February 2007 – September 2011) (After successfully establishing operations, the operations of this service were transferred to Aarogyasri Healthcare Trust.)

Together these call centers have provided services to 28 million callers. To make this happen, HMRI worked closely with the Government of India and Department of Telecommunications to reserve “104” as India’s central number for non-emergency health services.