Aman Foundation

The Aman Foundation is the Pakistan-based arm of Aman Trust, a social enterprise that aims to champion dignity and choice for the underserved in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. One of the primary guiding principles of the trustees is that wealth needs to be distributed within (and out of) each generation and must reach the ecosystem that has benefitted them. Aman Foundation conducts its own projects in healthcare, education and skills, and nutrition, and also provides strategic grants to high-social-impact organizations that work in the Foundation’s core areas of interest.

HMRI is working with Aman Foundation in Pakistan to set up a 25 seat health information helpline based in Karachi.

Government of Andhra Pradesh

HMRI has signed two public-private partnership agreements with the Government of Andhra Pradesh. They first supported 104 Advice Health Information Helpline . 104 Advice launched a 424 seat health contact center in February 2007 and handed over operations to the Government of Andhra Pradesh in September 2011. The second agreement was 104 Mobile Mobile Health Services . 104 Mobile deployed 475 mobile health units in August 2008. This service was handed over to the Government of Andhra Pradesh in December 2010.

Government of Assam

HMRI has signed two public-private partnership agreements with the Government of Assam. The first is for 104 Sarathi Health Information Helpline . 104 Sarathi launched a 50 seat health contact center in November 2010. The second agreement is for Sanjeevani Mobile Health Services . Sanjeevani deployed 80 mobile health units throughout Assam in February 2011.

Government of Maharashtra

HMRI has signed one public-private partnership agreement with the Government of Maharashtra to launch a health contact center . This 10 seat center will provide services to rural healthcare workers in Maharashtra. Currently it is in its deployment phase.

Government of Rajasthan

HMRI has signed one public-private partnership agreement with the Government of Rajasthan. In January 2011, HMRI launched a 20 seat Health Information Helpline available to the general public of Rajasthan.

MacArthur Foundation

The MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. In addition to selecting the MacArthur Fellows, the Foundation works to defend human rights, advance global conservation and security, make cities better places, and understand how technology is affecting children and society.

HMRI is working with the MacArthur Foundation on a telemedicine project to reduce maternal mortality in the tribal areas of the Araku region (Visakhapatnam District), Andhra Pradesh, India. MacArthur Foundation funded the initial year of operations of this project.

National Rural Health Mission

The Government of India has resolved to launch the National Rural Health Mission to carry out necessary architectural correction in the basic healthcare delivery system. The Mission adopts a synergistic approach by relating health to determinants of good health viz. segments of nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and safe drinking water.

The Plan of Action includes increasing public expenditure on health, reducing regional imbalance in health infrastructure, pooling resources, integration of organizational structures, optimization of health manpower, decentralization and district management of health programs, community participation and ownership of assets.

University of Massachusetts Medical School

UMASS Medical School is a top program in the US. Its hospital, UMASS Memorial, has a level 1 trauma center and the busiest single aircraft aeromedical transport service in the Northeast US. UMASS and HMRI are partnering on developing emergency care throughout India, particularly emergency transport systems including basic and advanced life support ambulances as well as emergency healthcare personnel.

World Diabetes Foundation

The World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) supports prevention and treatment of diabetes in developing countries. In particular, it focuses on: awareness, prevention, education and training and enhancement of detection, treatment and monitoring.

With funding from WDF, HMRI soon will launch comprehensive type 2 diabetes services through Sanjeevani. This project will raise awareness, screen for diabetes, refer patients for disease confirmation, diabetic complications and gestational diabetes and monitor disease management. Since HMRI is using an existing platform to deploy this program, nearly all funding goes directly to patients.


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