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This service has been transitioned back to the government of Andhra Pradesh.

The Health Information Helpline is HMRI’s flagship program. It provides free health information round-the-clock to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh through 104 Advice and Assam through 104 Sarathi. Launched in February 2007 in Andhra Pradesh, 104 Advice has grown from a four-seat call center that responded to 200 calls per day to a robust, complex operation with around 400 seats that respond to 40,000 calls per day. 104 Sarathi was launched in November 2010 and currently responds to 3,000 calls per day.

Technology-driven health helpline

The Health Information Helpline is staffed by specially trained paramedics, counselors, and doctors who are supported by pre-formatted algorithms and disease summaries to provide standardized advice and information across all calls.

The Health Information Helpline provides the following services:

  •  ¤ Medical advice
  •  ¤ Counseling services
  •  ¤ Health directory information
  •  ¤ A platform to report service complaints and epidemics.

Impact Health Information Helpline.

  •  ¤ HMRI Health Information Helpline has received over 50 million beneficiaries, since its inception     in 2007

  •  ¤ 41.85% of these beneficiaries have been provided with medical advice.

  •  ¤ Over 2 million people have been given medical and health advice.

  •  ¤ It is estimated that more than 13 million outpatient visits have been averted and around 0.25     million doctor days have been saved.

Health Information Helpline

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