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Voice of the Customer
“104 Advice is the best services in A.P.”

Mr. Srinivas had pimples on his face and was embarrassed by this. He went to many doctors for treatment but nothing helped. He came to know of 104 services. He called 104 Advice, took the advice and followed it regularly. His problem was completely cured and he felt very happy for that.

— Srinivas, 14/10/2009
"104 is useful in emergency situations"

Mr. Anantha Reddy called 104 Advice in a very serious condition. He had been bitten by a snake and the hospital was far away from his village. The Health Advisor gave First Aid advice over the phone. He followed the advice and saved his life. The caller whole heartedly conveyed his regards to 104 services for saving his life.

— Anantha Reddy, 12/10/2009
“104 Advice is very useful to the people.”

Mr. Ashok was suffering from HIV AIDS. He came to know of 104 Advice and called 104. He took counseling for HIV AIDS. As a result, he changed his life style. He said that the counseling was very helpful.

— Ashok, 12/10/2009
“Without spending money my problem was cured”

Mr. Santhosh was suffering from skin problem. He called 104 services for advice. The Health Advisor suggested some home remedies and also sent a prescription through SMS. The problem was cured completely without visiting any doctor.

— Santhosh, 12/10/2009
“104 saves a lot of money ”

Mr. Pandu called 104 Advice because he was suffering from severe stomach pain, motions & puss motions. Our Health Advisor enquired about his food habits. Pandu said he ate pickles& curd rice every day. Our Health Advisor advised a proper diet for him. He followed the advice and got relief from his problem. He had already spent a lot of money on medicines and doctor fees, but this time his problem was cured without spending money. He whole heartedly thanked 104 services.

9th February, 2009: 104 Advice received a call for requirement of one unit of ‘A negative’ blood from the blood bank, GMH Sultan Bazaar. Using teleblood application, HMRI reserved one unit of required blood at Red Cross blood bank,which was later supplied to the patient.

— Pandu, 12/10/2009

“I called 104 one month back for stomach pain and a prescription was sent through SMS. The advice given by the doctors was very useful. All my friends and neighbors use this service. If 104 services were not available, we would have to visit the hospital for all our health problems, which we cannot afford. Another problem is that sometimes we cannot express our problems openly to the doctor.”

— Eshwaraiah, Anantapur district

“I called 104 Advice to complain about the blatant corruption at the Kamala Nehru Project hospital in Nagarjuna Sagar, where the staff were demanding Rs. 10/- for an out patient ticket. The call taker registered the complaint and when I next visited the hospital, I came to know that the culprits were disciplined. I am very satisfied with HMRI’s prompt intervention.”

— Edukondala, Nalgonda district

“I called 104 Advice for my uncle Sailappa, who is 60 years old. His leg was amputated due to his diabetes problem and for a long time he was unable to walk. I heard about the 104 services and called to take information about prosthetic legs. 104 advised me correctly and I was able to bring my uncle to a doctor in Hyderabad and arrange a prosthetic leg for him. Now he can walk again.

— Yadav, Ananthapur district

“My friend was bitten by a scorpion and I called 104 for first aid. They sent me a prescription through SMS and advised me to take him to a nearby hospital for an injection. As per their advice, we used the medicine prescribed. My friend experienced immediate relief from the pain and could then go to hospital. The services of 104 are a boon to the people.”

— Farveen, Kurnool district

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